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                        Roughrider Gamebirds Clients!

    Steve Sharpe-Jordan, Minnesota.


Hi Rick,

I just wanted to thank you again for doing such an awesome job on all of my birds from Texas.  Your attention to detail makes your work far above other taxidermist that I have used.  Pintails are one of my favorite birds, and the main reason I went to Texas was to get the 7 inch sprigs, and you did a great job making those two of my favorite mounts.  The habitat on the flying pintail making it look like it is fighting a heavy wind with the weeds bending over is awesome.  I don't know how you did it but you did such a great job on the standing pintail that the wife even let me put it in the living room, in fact she even wanted it there. WOW!

Every bird that I had you do, turned out great and the habitat scenes are awesome and really make these mounts come to life.  Friends and family all comment on the Pintails, Ross, Cackler, Canvasback, Ring necks, Blue Wing Teal, and Redhead every time they come to my house.  Even though Mottled Ducks aren't the prettiest birds, the way you positioned it makes it look sweet, showing off the iridescent colors in the wing. 

It was a hunt of a lifetime for me and with the great job that you did I will remember each bird and the hunt for years to come.  More birds will be coming your way in the future as I bag more species for my collection of huntable North American Waterfowl.

Thank you!

Steve Sharpe


 Mike Steinke-Hastings, Minnesota

Rick Acker is the friendliest, most professional Taxidermist I have worked with. His work is impeccable. The work that I have had done, is the best I have seen. No one can believe that the Blue Goose, that Rick did for me, actually was Shot, Hit the ground, Rode in the back of a pick up and now doesn't have a single flaw in it. I am convinced that you couldn't find a better taxidermist, when it comes to Birds.
Thank You Rick and I can't wait to see the pheasants.


  Dan Espersen-St. Paul, Minnesota

Hello Rick,  Thanks for the awesome work you did on the duck. Beautiful detail. Best I've seen in a long time. I was thrilled to say the least. I will be referring your work and will continue to use your services in the future. Thanks Again, Dan Espersen


  Aaron A. Peterson-Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

I am very pleased with the pheasant and the job that you did!  I'm looking forward to sending a duck your way very soon!  Thanks!



  Jeff Johnson-Fesseden, N.D.


You did a fantastic job on my whitefronted goose mount. Everytime I look at it, I think it is going to land right in my living room. It looks so perfect and realistic, basically flawless. I need to thank my brother-in-law (Dave) for the referral, and I guarantee you will be doing more work for me in the future.

Thanks again for the terrific mount.

See ya on the softball diamond!!!

Jeff Johnson
Fessenden, ND


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