North Dakota Bird Taxidermy- Rough Rider Bird Taxidermy

2018 Prices

Prices for birds sent to my studio are as follows:

Ducks-$340 (Standing) / $365 (Flying)

Wood Ducks & Hooded Mergansers-$350 (Standing) / $375 (Flying)

White Winged Scoters-$375 (Standing) / $400 (Flying)

Eiders-$440 (Standing) / $465 (Flying)

         Geese-Snows, Blues, Ross, Whitefront, Cackler, Hutch-$440 (Standing) / $465 (Flying)

Geese-Canada's 8lb's & up-$600 (Standing) / $700 (Flying)

Pheasants-$340 (Standing) / $365 (Flying)

Grouse, Quail, Partridge-$325 (Standing or Flying)

Prarie Chickens-$375 (Standing) / $400 (Flying)

(Add $75 for eye combs & air sacs on grouse & p. chickens)

**Add $50 dollars for all open mouth mounts!**

 *** Birds that need to be shipped to your address, there is a minimum creating and shipping fee of $100***



Prices include bird on driftwood, and any pose you desire. *Deluxe habitat (Water scenes, Marsh scenes, Field scenes, etc.) is also available at additional cost!  Prices start at an extra $150 dollars.  Glass Case mounts with single bird start at $800 plus bird.  Please contact me for an estimate.  Please see the Bases link to accessorize your mount!    A deposit of 50% down is required on all birds.   No Work will begin until I receive a deposit!


I also have access to a large inventory of perfect plumage pen raised birds that includes many North American species of Gamebirds that can be mounted in any pose you could dream up!.

Perfect gifts for the wildlife enthusiast, hunter or collector.  I can duplicate any pose in my galleries.  Price is dependent upon the cost and availability of your bird from a breeder.  It will vary from species to species.  Please call me for a quote or estimate!

Payment method:

Money Order or Personal Check

My studio/cell number is (701) 741-8687

Roughrider Gamebirds
5426 Belmont Road
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Or... e-mail me at .